Updated: February 2024

Top 5 Blue Light Glasses 2024 - Compared & Ranked By Experts

Top 5 Blue Light Glasses 2024

50+ Tested. Only 5 Made The List.
Compared & Ranked By Experts
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We found 5 Black Friday deals available all week from leading drone brands. Offers end November 27th.
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   Rank      Image                                                    Features                                                            Score
We found 5 Black Friday deals available all week from leading drone brands. Offers end on 9/27.
40+ Tested. Only 5 Made The List.
These 5 Black Friday deals are available until 9/27
 40+ Tested. Only 5 Made The List.
  These Black Friday deals end on 9/27
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Mistic Glasses: Stylish glasses with a tinted filter that seamlessly blocks harmful blue light and UV light. One size fits all design.

50% off for a limited time + free shipping
Blocks up to 99.9% blue light with next generation filtering technology
Prevents sleep disruption by restoring natural sleep patterns
Reduces eye strain & fatigue
Highest rated by verified buyers
Comfortable to wear
Protective case
Anti-scratch and anti-fingerprint lenses
Sometimes runs out of stock
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👍 68% of our users buy this drone

⚡ Limited time January sale
30 Day Guarantee
If you are not fully satisfied with your Mistic Glasses, they are offering a 30 day guarantee on all purchases. Simply contact them to send the item(s) back for a full refund.
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Gunnar Glasses: An excellent choice for blue light glasses that help to mitigate various symptoms from prolonged screen time.

Up to 10% off for a limited time
Protects against negative effects of blue light exposure
Reduces migraines, headaches, dry eyes, and blurry vision
Ergonomic design
Minimizes glare from screens
More pricey
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Swanwick Glasses: Perfect blue light glasses for those wanting to get a better night's sleep. Optimal for wearing before bed.

Up to 13% off for a limited time
Designed to wear 2 hours before bedtime for better sleep
Helps the body prepare for sleep with blue light filtering
Blocks up to 99% blue light
Flexible frame
Comfortable fit
Only designed to wear before bed
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Prospek Glasses: A great choice for blue light protection from screens. Also effective against sensitivity to fluorescent lights.

Up to 28% off for a limited time
UV protection
Prevents eye strain
High optical lenses to efficiently filter out blue light
Anti-scratch design
Yellow tint is very bright
Limited customer service

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Sleep ZM Glasses: Affordable blue light glasses with a wide variety of features. Free shipping available through Amazon.

Up to 5% off for a limited time
Work inside & outside by adjusting to environment
Helps you sleep better naturally through blue light filtering
Block 85% of blue light
Reduces light sensitivity
Lowest rated by verified buyers
Not the best blue light filter
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Low Stock
$59 50% Off
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Features Comparison
Filter Strength
Ultra High
Ultra High
Prevents Headaches
Frame Colors Available
Tint Color
Protective Case
Daytime Use
Nightime Use
Return Policy
30 Days
30 Days
30 Days

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2024's Best Blue Light Glasses: Mistic Glasses
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